mission & vision.

Helping To Improve Opportunities And Outcomes


Women Focus Canada (WFC) is dedicated to relieving poverty in Canada through the collaborative delivery of transformative programs.


Women Focus Canada (WFC) envisions a country where every woman and girl has the opportunity to achieve her fullest potential and participate in all aspects of life

Our Key Values


We lead with integrity in all aspects of our work – demonstrating honesty and moral change.


We remain focused on our mission regardless of external circumstances and adapt well to change.


We expect and deliver the very best whenever representatives of WFC are involved.


Being diligent in recognizing the dignity and worth of every woman and girl in all of our engagements whether that is through our programs or general interaction


We recognize that the path toward impacting the lives of women and girls requires working together with a diverse group of partners.


We are open to new ideas. We respond and adapt as we discover and learn new lessons and best practices toward achieving our mission


We are a strength-based organization. We are committed to developing the confidence of women and girls’ capabilities and potential.